Madura Herb | Madura Herbal

Ingredient of Madura Island | Herbal from Madura Island

Madura Herb or Madura Herbal is the ingredient of Madura Island or Herbal from Madura Island on the one of island in Indonesia.

Dupa Wangi / Penganten / ratus vagina (fragrant incense) | Herbal code: SM-029

The fragrances of Madura Traditional bridal room

  1. Packaging I (small) price: $3.7
  2. Packaging II: price: $5.8

Herbal code: SM-029

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Dupa Kemanten Sumber MAdu

Kode Jamu: SM-029

Wewangian ruangan penganten Traditional Madura.

A. KEMASAN I (kecil) : Harga : Rp. 35.000,-

B. KEMASAN II : Harga : Rp. 55.000,-

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