Madura Herb | Madura Herbal

Ingredient of Madura Island | Herbal from Madura Island

Madura Herb or Madura Herbal is the ingredient of Madura Island or Herbal from Madura Island on the one of island in Indonesia.

Jamu Pegal Linu (herbal stiff) | Herbal code: SM-009

Cure gout, rheumatic, lumbago and all diseases and freshen up the body.

Price: $1.7

Herbal code: SM-009

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Jamu Pegal linu Sumber Madu

Jamu Pegal linu Sumber Madu

Kode Jamu: SM-009

Harga IDR: Rp. 15.000,-

Menyembuhkan encok, rematik, sakit pinggang dan segala macam rasa sakit dan menyegarkan badan.

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