Herbal for treatment: Hemorrhoid, Diabetes Mellitus, Gout, High Blood / Hypertension, Stiff

Herbal for treatment: Hemorrhoid, Diabetes Mellitus, Gout, High Blood / Hypertension, Stiff

Jamu Jokotole Paket Pengobatan
Jamu Jokotole Paket Pengobatan

JAMU WASIR / Ambeien (Herbal Hemorrhoids) | Bottles packaging (contains 40 capsule);
Price for: $6
Herbal code: JT-019

A collection of Herbal Hemorrhoid, this product is able to cure and healing hemorrhoid that had been occurred long time ago or just a moment, it is herb product to heal hemorrhoids rapidly and effectively, without side effects and natural, product and Herbal herb to heal hemorrhoid had been proven many times and the result is very good.

Hemorrhoid can be cured and removed, it is a hemorrhoid drug. Ambeien or in English we can call hemorrhoid is a widening of the veins in hemorroidalis plexus is not a pathological condition. Hemorrhoid is the swelling of sub mucosal in the anal that containing veins plexus, small arteries, and areola net that had waded.

Hemorrhoid can be happened anyone. But often patients feel embarrassed or considered it is not important, so the patients less attention to these health problems. In anatomy hemorrhoid is not a disease but a physiological changes that occur in blood vessels in the rectal pads, such as dilation and swelling of blood vessels and surrounding nets.

Pad functions are a valve that helps the anal muscles restrain feces. If occurred disruption of bloodstream, so the blood vessels will dilate and swell, this condition called hemorrhoid.

Below, some symptoms of hemorrhoid:

  1. Anal bleeding, blood that comes out can be a trickle but can also flowing, pink blood, patients usually do not feel sick
  2. There is a feeling that create an impression if process defecate not end yet, so that someone push stronger, this condition can make hemorrhoid more severe.
  3. Itching, because the part that feels pain in the anus is difficult to clean, the virus can cause skin infections easily and trigger itching.

These picture above is Herbal hemorrhoid drug, especially Herbal to treat hemorrhoid. The easy way to cure the hemorrhoid with Herbal herb, Herbal hemorrhoid is Herbal herb to heal hemorrhoid or hemorrhoid do not need hemorrhoid ointment, but only use Herbal hemorrhoid that very powerful to heal and removing hemorrhoid in men or women, it is very potent to remove hemorrhoid. It is curing hemorrhoid from inside, without any massage.

Herbal hemorrhoid made by herb ingredients, among others:
1. Elphantopi Folium
2. Tinosporae Coulis
3. Marremioe Mommos Radis
4. Aegle Mamelos Cors
5. Ruta Angustilolis
6. The other ingredients up to 100%

The ingredients above is processed from traditional ingredients with Madura recipe that have been well known

Herbal hemorrhoid is very good and potent to:

  • • Curing hemorrhoid or hemorrhoid and the effects, till cured
  • • Accelerating, eliminate phlegm.
  • • The stomach feels bad, especially when eating or drinking
  • • Normalizing blood vessel in anus
  • • Reducing pains in anus

There isn’t side effects, does not cause allergies, safe, don’t worry about the safety.
How to use: drink it 2X4 capsules for a day, morning and night when will go to bed. In the morning, drink one hour after have breakfast and one hour after have dinner, remember!!! One hour after eating. It is more good if was drunk by warm water.

Jamu Kencing Manis (HERBAL DIABETES Mellitus) | BOTTLE PACKAGING Contains 40 capsule;
Price: $5.6;
Herbal Code: JT-018

Herbal diabetes is a product of Herbal that effective to cure diabetes or diabetes mellitus; it is able and can reduce the blood sugar levels so that will be normal again.

Herbal diabetes herb is able to heal diabetes that has been chronic in order to getting well and normal again. Diabetes must be cured immediately, if you don’t cure immediately it will damage the function of other organs, such as kidneys, spleen and liver. Treat immediately with herbal diabetes. Certainly cured.

It is diabetes medicine, or Herbal to cure diabetes mellitus or usually can be called as diabetes, it is very effective to reduce the blood sugar levels, so that the amount of sugar in the blood will decrease and back to normal, diabetes is one of hereditary diseases that very harmful, besides impact to the health, diabetes mellitus also impact on our reproduction. The effect of diabetes is hair can fall out, eyes so blurry, if you a man, could cause permanent impotence. Yes, you not misread, permanent impotence. Immediately treat your diabetes. Before, it’s too late.

Herbal diabetes or diabetes medicine herb made of natural ingredients among others:

  • • Eugenis Aeruginosa
  • • Zingeber Bengie
  • • Andrographidis Herbia
  • • Ruta Angustifolio
  • • The other ingredients up to 100%

The ingredients above processed with traditional recipes and using modern technology Herbal. Using herb ingredients form the original plants in Indonesian.

Packaging: 1 bottle contain 40 capsules

How to use, Herbal diabetes drink in the morning and evening, one hour after eating, as much as two capsules. Morning two capsules and evening too. If you eat at 07.00, so at 08.00 you must drink it, and in the evening or night too, if you have dinner at 18.00 so you must drink these drug at 19.00. Remember; drink it with warm water or hot water.

Herbal diabetes or diabetes is very useful to:

  • • Curing diabetes / diabetes mellitus and the symptoms of diabetes mellitus
  • • Reducing blood sugar in the normal level
  • • Increases the immune system and the body’s immune system so that to be strong and resistant toward the diseases.

Simtoma hiperglisemia was inducing the other tree symptoms

  •  Poliuria-often pee
  •  Polidipsia-always feel thirsty
  •  Poligafia-always feel hungry
  •  The weight loss, it is often only in diabetes mellitus type 1

If in the long time do not get maximal nursing, can cause some chronic complications, such as:
1. Disorder on the eyes that can cause blindness
2. Disorder on the kidney that can cause renal failure
3. Cardiovascular disorders, with basal membrane lesions that can be detected by checking using electron microscope
4. Disorders of the nervous system up to autonomic nerve dysfunction, foot ulcers, amputation, Charcot joint and sexual dysfunction.

With the other symptoms such as dehydration, ketoacidosis, ketonuria and hyperosmolar non-ketonic that can lead to stupor and coma.

  •  susceptible toward infection

Diabetes mellitus refer to symptom or usually called as glycosuria, or diabetes, if the patients do not get treatment immediately.

Long-term complications include cardiovascular disease (double risk), chronic renal failure (the main cause of dialysis), retinal damage which can cause blindness, and nerve damage that can cause impotence and gangrene with risk of amputation. More serious complications when the controls of blood sugar levels are bad.

Our message, reduce sugary foods and contain a lot of glucose or sugar. So that gets well as soon as possible. Exercising regularly can help the recovery of diabetes.

Jamu Jokotole Paket Pengobatan
Jamu Jokotole Paket Pengobatan

JAMU WASIR / Ambeien (Herbal Hemorrhoids) | Bottles packaging (contains 40 capsule);
Price for: $6
Herbal code: JT-019

Jamu Kencing Manis (HERBAL DIABETES Mellitus) | BOTTLE PACKAGING Contains 40 capsule;
Price: $6.6;
Herbal Code: JT-018

Jamu Pluntur /Tepat Bulan (herbs to avoid late menstrual period) BOTTLE PACKAGE:
(CONTAIN 60 CAPSULE ); Price: $8.3; Code: JT-011
(CONTAIN 40 CAPSULE ); Price: $6.6; Code: JT-011

Jamu Asam Urat (herbal gout) BOTTLE PACKAGE:
(CONTAIN 40 CAPSULE); Price: $6.6; Code; JT-015

Jamu Darah Tinggi (herbal for high blood / hypertension) BOTTLE PACKAGE:
(CONTAIN 40 Capsule); Price: $6.6; Code: JT-017

Jamu Pegel Linu (herbal stiff) -BOTTLE PACKAGE:
(CONTAIN 40 CAPSULE); Price: $6.6; Code: JT-020

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