How to order

The product of Madura herbs and traditional herbal medicine had fulfilled the terms of distribution license from the institution of POM RI & DepKes RI, so that the agent/reseller/distributor don’t worry if there are inspections. Because of DepKes and POM had visited the place of production/ our production area.

How to order in Madura online store (the center of Madura special gift):

It is an exciting opportunity, it is a business opportunity to be the first businessman in your city and also cooperate with us. For the terms and conditions to be Agent / Reseller, please visit the page “Business Opportunity” or >>click here<<.

If in your coutry there isn’t an agent / reseller of Madura Online Store, you have the opportunity to become an agent / reseller / our distributor or you can order our products easily by the following way:

1.  You must write your order. For example: the goods name, the items code, and the price or the other information that you need.

2.  Then you must contact us what the products that you want, maybe through BBM, SMS, Phone, Email, and YM. Be careful of our Pin BB, phone number, email, and YM as shown on our website below. Make sure everything is correct before making any further transactions.

Sample format of SMS/ BBM/ Email: Order Batik code KB-100, etc.

3.  We will give you the bill that you must pay and our account number. Please make payment via Bank Account (BCA, Mandiri, BRI, Commerce, BNI), Paypal, Western Union, and other payment methods that possible. Be careful of our phone number, email, and YM as shown on our website below. Make sure everything is correct before making payment / transfer.

4.  Confirm your Name, Name of Bank / the ID number if the transaction via Paypal and Western Union, amount of payment / transfer amount. Maximum transfer at 12.00 pm in our country, and for payment after passing at 12.00 pm, the delivery will be sent in the next day, except the certain circumstances and very urgent.

5.  We will pack the goods immediately and the process delivery can be through expedition services that you select, for example: Pos Indonesia, TIKI, JNE, Pandu Logistics, Elteha, Pahala Express, DHL, Fedex Express, TNT, EMS Post, Aramex and the other delivery services which possible. The long of delivery time depend on which package that you choose could one day until the destination or express package, special delivery, and general packet / regular.

6.  We will send you the receipt number of delivery either via email, YM, BBM, SMS, and phone. So you can make a tracking of your own good.

7.  Please be patient for waiting your package arrive to your home / the destination.

8.  GUARANTEE: Once again, please be patient because after the goods are sent, the responsibility is in the Expedition. We will assist as much as possible to track and provide the relevant contact numbers of expedition that have been using if needed. So, you can be directly contact the relevant expedition if necessary. Thank you.

Please contact us for order and purchase of our products in: (Please contact our customer service below)

  • Pin BB: 32A67257
  • Contact: +6231-7170 6500
  • HP Simpati: +6281 21 7670 400
  • HP XL: +62878 52 707 300
  • Yahoo Messenger: tokomaduraonline
  • Email:
  • Address:  Jl. RE Martadinata 24 Bangkalan, East Java, Indonesia
  • Office hour:  08.30 am s.d 16.00 pm WIB (at our country)